MMA & Boxing Equipment

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MMA & Boxing Equipment

Southside Fitness has a huge range of Boxing Equipment.  Our range caters for home use and commercial.  The Boxing Equipment includes Punching Bags, Gloves, Flooring, Headgear and more from brands like Revolution Fitness, Punch & Tapout.

MMA & Boxing Equipment

Ready to boost the intensity of your training program? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, boxing is a fantastic, fun way to get a whole body workout and advance your cardio skills too. With more brands than ever supplying at-home and professional gym training equipment to be used by boxers at every level, we break down the basics of buying boxing equipment below so you can give it a go.

Not sure where to begin? Check out the below highlights that you should look out for when purchasing new boxing accessories, or speak with one of our Southside Fitness experts. One of Australia’s go-to teams when it comes to gym equipment, every one of our consultants has significant experience in the space and can recommend the boxing gear that will best meet your needs.

Boxing Accessories 101

New to boxing? Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re skilled and want to upgrade your gear, there are basic boxing accessories that are useful to anyone willing to give this fun activity a try:

  1. Gloves: We’ve all seen them—a great pair of boxing gloves is worth the investment. Protecting their hands from impact, boxing enthusiasts who want to invest in their hobby can prioritise personal comfort, safety, hygiene, and protection with their own pair of gloves. We recommend talking to an online specialist before buying from an eCommerce store to make sure you’re choosing the right fit.
  2. Tape: Ever wondered why boxers tape their hands? In short, for added protection! Sometimes called hand wraps, prepping your hands, fingers, and wrists before donning a pair of boxing gloves can help protect the soft tissues in your upper limbs (think tendons and ligaments) and may help transfer some of the force when hitting the bag.
  3. Boxing Pads: If you’re wanting to box outside or on the road, having your own pair of pads can make boxing a fun activity no matter where you travel. Hand-held pads are a great way to exercise in a group of two or more.
  4. Boxing Bags: Staying at home? Whether you’re setting up a home gym or a commercial space, high quality boxing bags will stand the test of time when cared for.

A word of note: the above accessories are more traditionally seen in the handboxing space. Want to give kickboxing a try? How your local gym runs kickboxing sessions will differ by location, but bringing your own gloves, tape, and towel is always a good idea.

Boxing Gym Equipment FAQs

Looking for more insight? Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions the Southside Fitness team receives about boxing accessories and boxing gym equipment.

Boxing training is a fantastic way of exercise that includes many health benefits. Among the best and most basic equipment you’ll want to have when just getting started are boxing gloves, pads, punching bag and maybe some protective gear–so you can have fun and stay safe!

If you’re training with a friend or trainer, focus pads are a great way to practice punching. If you’re doing it alone, a good quality boxing bag is a fantastic tool to have!

While some boxers prefer to train without gloves (sometimes) we recommend beginners invest in a good pair of gloves to stay safe and learn the proper technique to box safely.

Yes! A lot of beginners learn from online tutorials and videos to begin boxing safely and in the comfort of their own homes. Talk to our team about the equipment and gear you can buy to learn boxing at home before heading into the gym.

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