Dumbbells, Barbells & Weight Plates

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Dumbbells, Barbells & Weight Plates

Southside Fitness has specialised in Weights, Dumbells & Barbells since 2006. We have the biggest range, highest quality & the best prices. Choose from dumbells, bumper plates, Olympic bars and much more.

Dumbbells, Barbells & Weight Plates

We love seeing Southside Fitness customers smash their fitness goals. If you’re looking to boost your fitness regime or bring your weight bearing capacity up a notch, our team can outfit you with the strength and conditioning equipment you need.

If you have traditionally relied on heavy stationary equipment in the gym to get your lifting needs met, read on below to learn more about the benefits to be gained from a great set of barbells, dumbbells, or weight plates. Multi-user friendly, adjustable, and able to grow as your capacity does, we reckon you’ll appreciate the effectiveness and flexibility a great pair of handheld weights can provide.

The Benefits of Weight Plates, Dumbbells, & Barbells

Whether you’re new to the fitness game or you’re an experienced professional who wants to boost their weight lifting capacity in the gym, handheld weights, barbells, dumbbells, and even weight plates are fantastic additions to every gym.

Among the top benefits to be gained by all gym goers equipped with a great set of weights, we love that they offer:

  1. Multiple Use: Unlike some larger equipment pieces, handheld plates can be used in a number of settings and support a number of workout styles. Prefer a bodyweight workout with increased capacity? Bring in a set of dumbbells. Enjoy using the chest press machine? Another set of weight plates can let you enjoy what you know and love while still hitting your new goal.
  2. Modifiable: Just like your fitness goals, handheld weights and plates let you increase and push your next milestone every time to achieve a new personal goal.
  3. Transportable: While you may not want to pack a pair of 20KG dumbbells next time you’re hitting the road, handheld weights are a much more transportable option for large scale commercial gyms that want to offer their customers the flexibility to move around. Prefer to have weights both in the weight room and open floor studios? Be our guest!

FAQs: Barbells & Plates

Looking for more insight? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions the Southside Fitness team receives about barbells, plates, and gym weights.

This will depend on several factors including your budget, fitness goals, and current fitness levels. Talk to our team about the brands available at Southside Fitness.

Absolutely! Call us biased, but we like having a variety of equipment and gear options available to best meet our workout goals and needs.

That will depend on your fitness goals and exercise experience. Talk to our team if you’re unsure about which you should invest in based on your unique needs.

Barbells come in a variety of weights and sizes to suit the user’s needs, and we have them all!

The amount of weight you require will always depend on your fitness goals, fitness capability, experience, and overall strength. If you’re new to lifting weights, we recommend talking to both the Southside Fitness team about your buying decision and an exercise professional so you can design a routine that’s safe and effective for you.

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