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The Revolution PRFT600 Functional Trainer Half Rack is more than just gym equipment – it’s a comprehensive fitness solution.  Commercially rated and built to last, this powerhouse of a machine includes everything you need to elevate your training regimen.  From weight stacks to adjustable racks and multiple attachments, the PRFT600 is designed to deliver exceptional performance, whether used at home or in a professional gym setting.  Invest in the PRFT600 and revolutionize your fitness journey with unparalleled quality and versatility.  Revolution Fitness – where your fitness goals become a reality.


Welcome to Revolution Fitness, where innovation meets superior craftsmanship. Introducing the PRFT600 Functional Trainer Half Rack, the ultimate piece of gym equipment designed for serious fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Here’s why the PRFT600 stands out from the competition in both features and quality:


  • Commercial Grade Steel Frame: Built to withstand the toughest workouts, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability.
  • Numbered Height Engravings: Precision and ease in adjusting settings for a customized workout experience.
  • Special Powder Coated Finish: Enhances longevity and resistance to wear and tear, maintaining the sleek appearance over time.
  • Functional Trainer with Dual 90kg Weight Stacks: Offers versatile training options, catering to all fitness levels.
  • Convertible Weight Ratio: Easily switch between 2:1 and 1:1 weight ratio for varied resistance levels and training intensity.
  • Various Cable Attachments Included: Comes with 2 x single grip attachments, a Lat Pulldown Bar, a Tricep Rope, and a V Row Bar to diversify your workout routine.
  • Commercial Grade Pulleys and Cables: Equipped with ball bearing inserts and high-grade cables for smooth and efficient movements.
  • Adjustable Tray for Storage: Features a 3-level adjustable tray angle at the rear for convenient dumbbell or kettlebell storage.
  • Weight Horns: Integrated weight horns on each side for easy and organized weight plate storage.
  • Multi Grip Chin Up Bar: Allows for various pull-up positions to target different muscle groups.
  • Hooks for Bands or TRX: Top hooks designed for attaching bands or TRX systems to expand your training capabilities.
  • J Hooks and Long Barbell Rests/Spotting Arms: Includes 2 x J Hooks and 2 x long barbell rests/spotting arms for safe and effective weightlifting.
  • Dip Attachments: Built-in dip attachments for upper body strength exercises.
  • Detachable Leg Holder for Lat Pulldowns: Provides additional support and stability during lat pulldown exercises.
  • Jammer Arms with Adjustable Angles: Adjustable jammer arms for varied pressing angles, enhancing upper body workouts.






Workout Benefits:

  • Versatile Workouts: The functional trainer and various attachments allow for a full-body workout, targeting multiple muscle groups.
  • Strength Training: Dual weight stacks and adjustable weight ratios cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced lifters, promoting muscle growth and strength.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with cable attachments and bodyweight exercises for improved heart health.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Various exercises enhance joint flexibility and overall mobility, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Core Stability: Multi-grip chin-up bar and dip attachments help build a strong core, essential for overall stability and balance.










Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 171cm (W) x 158cm (D) x 232cm (H)
  • Weight Stacks: 2 x 90kg commercial grade weight stacks
  • Adjustability: Numbered height engravings for precise adjustments
  • Finish: Special powder coated finish for durability
  • Storage: 3-level adjustable tray, weight horns, and attachment racks
  • Attachments Included: Single grip attachments, Lat Pulldown Bar, Tricep Rope, V Row Bar, dip attachments, and more
  • Safety Features: J Hooks, long barbell rests/spotting arms, detachable leg holder

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