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The Zua Health Z7 Red Light Bed can be used to improve soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and aids in acute and chronic pain relief. It is non-invasive, and unlike prescription drugs, has no negative side effects. This is the easiest, and arguably the most relaxing way to improve your overall health & wellbeing.  The Z7 Red Light Bed is designed for the entire body and uses the world’s best quality LED chips to give you the very finest red light therapy device not even seen in salons and wellness centres.  Previously, only in commercial settings could you find this kind of device & therapy, however, Zua Health is now bringing it to you direct.  This allows you to receive the most powerful and effective red light therapy from head to toe.  It features Red & Near Infrared Light to give the most comprehensive red light therapy available.  Simply lay down and relax!



  • Full body therapy
  • Extruded aluminium & steel main frame
  • Great for Home or Salon use
  • Total Power: 3325W / 129mw/cm2
  • Light Wavelength 630nm & 850nm
  • 15,301 individual LED Lights
  • Premium quality Epistar chip LED
  • LED life span 50,000 Hours
  • Low energy consumption
  • External remote control panel
  • Internal touchscreen
  • Digital touch control timer
  • Silent operating mode
  • 7 cooling fans
  • MP3, USB, Bluetooth
  • Dual speaker stereo system
  • Operating temp. 0℃~35℃
  • Dimensions:  214cm x 103cm x 89cm



The Z7 Red Light Bed emits red and near-infrared energy at wavelengths that penetrate the body’s tissues, leading to an increase in ATP energy production and circulation. This helps to reduce the harmful effects of oxidative stress, which has been linked to inflammation, acute and chronic pain, and accelerated aging. Scientific research over the past two decades has demonstrated that oxidative stress is the primary cause of most chronic illnesses.  Various factors can contribute to oxidative stress, including exposure to environmental toxins such as: pesticides, household chemicals, and cleaning solutions, negative lifestyle choices such as poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and a history of infection or chronic illness.




This product is not intended to cure or diagnose any medical conditions. Use of the device helps promote healthy skin, strong muscles, and overall health and wellness through optimizing cellular function. 


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