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The Revolution Elastic Mini Bands come in a premium set of 3 fabric booty resistance bands.  The quality Fabric Booty Bands come in 3 resistance levels for serious booty and leg burn.  Made from high quality soft cotton fabric with inner rubber grips, these Bands will never roll, slip or break. Build and sculpt your best booty and legs and look good doing it with Revolution Bands!


  • Superior quality booty bands made from natural latex and fabric, no-toxic.
  • Best for warm-up exercise, physical therapy, power training, injuries recovery.
  • Inner latex grip strips prevent bands sliding up or down during workouts.
  • Double-sew process ensures long life.
  • Carry case and small workout guide are included in the package.
  • Light Blue:  31cm x 8cm
  • Pink:  37cm x 8cm
  • Purple:  43cm x 8cm
  • Sold as a set of 3 bands.

If you’re looking for the best heavy duty workout bands to add resistance to your butt workout routine without having to use weights then the REVOLUTION MINI BANDS are definitely the answer. These bands come in 3 different sizes and resistance levels to accommodate your workout level and fitness goals. When used properly those resistance bands are superior for targeting your glute muscles from all angles. These are great to tone, tighten and shape your glutes to perfection.

Multiple Fitness Levels:
REVOLUTION MINI BANDS come in 3 resistance levels from light, medium to heavy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our booty bands are easy to use and customize for strength and ability.

Space Efficient:
REVOLUTION MINI BANDS are made of fabric, thus lightweight and occupy almost no space, which is great for storage and travel.

Add Variety:
With butt bands dynamically challenge you muscles in new ways so your workouts stay fresh and challenging. It’s a good idea to mix it up by cross-training with free weights, machines and resistance band exercises. Each will work your muscles in a slightly different way to gain your workout goals.

Durable and safe:
You should not compromise on quality, especially as it pertains to results and injury prevention. Our workout bands are layered and highly durable, they’ll last a long time and pose little threat of snapping while working out.

Proven effects:
When used properly, these bands will provide constant tension and keep your glute muscles fired up throughout the entire exercise. This will result in more blood being pushed into the glute muscle, creating a bigger pump. This is exactly what makes glutes grow 

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