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Fat Grips are an amazing new weight training tool used by thousands of athletes and the military for weight lifting and strength training that converts any weight bars into thick grips.  Sold as a pair, the Fat Grips clip over your existing bars such as barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, cable attachments and more, and turns them into thick grip handles at more than twice their usual thickness.  Thick bar training using Fat Grips immediately works on what is most people’s weakest link – their grip.  Training with a thick bar will help simultaneously work your grip harder during workouts, increasing muscle activation and building more strength and muscle mass.  Typically, buying a dedicated thick bar is extremely expensive and requires another piece of kit in the gym. The Fat Grips give you the flexibility to upgrade your bar in seconds for a small fraction of the cost of buying a thick bar.



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  • Small, light and portable
  • Fits almost all barbells, dumbbells and chin-up bars in seconds
  • Made from high-density, military-grade compound which does not compress, slip or slide
  • Develops strength in hands and forearms
  • Versatile use for thick bar strength training
  • Converts any bar into thick bar at fraction of cost
  • Increased muscle mass and strength through enhanced muscle activation
  • Suitable for a variety of exercises such as bench press, biceps curls, deadlift, farmer’s walk
  • 50mm diameter when closed
  • 100mm in length
  • Barbell not included