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What is a reformer?

The reformer is a piece of resistance equipment (which looks like a bed) consisting of a moving platform or carriage with springs, ropes and pulleys. Reformer Pilates is generally more intense and more dynamic than mat based Pilates due to the resistance of the springs (which can be adjustable & quite strong) and the increased repertoire of exercises that are available compared to mat work. The reformer works not only the core muscles but the entire body including the arms and legs.

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  • High quality aluminium frame
  • 5 Adjustment Springs with varied resistance
  • 2 spring gear positions
  • Quality wheels/rollers for smooth feel
  • Various points of adjustments for ropes
  • Quality woven ropes with snap clips for easy handle exchange
  • Quick removal and adjustable shoulder rests
  • Swivelled pulleys
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Includes foot platform & box
  • 1 pair of Double Looped Handles
  • Assembled Dimensions: 230cm (L)  x  85cm (W)
  • 150kg maximum user weight


  • Aluminium Pilates Reformer
  • Aerobic Step
  • Abwheel
  • Set of 3 Elastic Mini Bands
  • Gaiam Grippy Socks
  • PTP Pilates Ball Combo
  • Gaiam Cork Yoga Block
  • Gaiam Premium 6mm Yoga Mat
  • Gaiam Deep Stretch Back Wheel
  • SAVE 8%