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This Massage Gun is a necessity post-workout tool designed by professionals. It is lightweight and comfortably handheld. This Fascia Gun has the same percussion strength at half the size compared to larger sized massage therapy guns. It will give you a full body massage recovery treatment, no matter where you are. Recover faster, train harder!

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  • Light weight & compact design
  • Aero-grade aluminium alloy material
  • Ultra Quiet
  • 4 levels of pressure
  • 11.1 Volt/2500mAh Battery
  • 2-3 hours for full charge
  • USB cord charger
  • 1800-3200 RPM speed
  • Includes 4 different massage heads:
  • Flat Head, Round Head, U Shaped Head & Bullet Head
  • Carry case also included for convenient transportation
  • Dimensions:  13.5cm x 11.3cm x 4.5cm

The ergonomic design makes it so that this massage gun is easily handheld for treating all body parts. Powerful, extreme light built & outstanding battery life is what sets this massage gun ahead of its alternatives!
• Workout with confidence
• Fast muscle recovery without breaking bank
• At home massage therapy
• Get rid of tightness & increase flexibility
• Deep tissue- and fascia release

Each massage head attachment ensures you get the much needed massage therapy after an intense workout. There are 4 head mounts included with the massage gun.
Head mounts:
1. – U Shaped head mount. Perfect for gently massaging the neck and spine.
2. – Flat head mount. Full body application – Apply everywhere for a revitalizing feel.
3. – Round head mount. Made for relieving larger muscle groups – A more intense treatment.
4. – Bullet head mount. Perfect for deep muscle penetration when pain relief is crucial.

Change head mounts to target different muscle groups for a highly precise treatment. Head into your next workout feeling great!

The deep muscle percussions provided by Massage Gun therapy can deliver all of the following benefits:

• Ease soft tissue pain
• Release lactic acid
• Accelerate muscle recovery
• Stimulate muscle growth
• Improve blood circulation
• Enhance range of motion
• Muscle stretch
• Improve muscle responsiveness
• Reduce risk of injury