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Floss Bands help make positive subjective changes to joints and soft tissues through compression, tension and movement. These changes will often increase joint mobility, decrease pain, and speed up recovery through myofascial release, occlusion and reactive hyperemia, and joint centration.  Muscle Floss helps break up intramuscular “junk” to allow for greater mobility and blood supply to an area. By squeezing the muscle in a tight wrap, then forcing it through a full range-of-motion, friction between muscle fibers helps break up fuzz, scar tissue, lactic acid and other junk in those tiny places that foam rolling and lacrosse ball techniques can’t address.  When you release the band, a rush of blood washes through the muscle; this not only brings nutrients for growth and healing but also clearing out all that junk you just broke up. This is also true for injury recovery and can be used to aid the healing of strained tissue. For swollen areas, you want to promote lymphatic drainage.



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  • Significantly reduces muscle soreness
  • Healing & cleansing power
  • Able to stretch those hard to reach places
  • 2000mm x 55mm x 1.5mm
  • Sold as single roll