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The Revolution Tyre maintains the rawness of flipping tyres and delivers all the original fitness challenges, but with none of the downsides of scrap tyres. Soft but heavy, simple but innovative and still super tough like the ‘real’ thing, they are a must for every functional zone.  It’s reduced diameter but increased mass means that not only is it challenging to lift but it will also land flat when pushed over for added safety.  The Revolution Tyre is uniquely manufactured by combining foam material, layers of hard and soft components ensure the weight is evenly distributed. The centre and all the internal edges are smooth which gives you a new, safe platform to jump on, off and in to which multiplies the exercise possibilities.  It’s engineered, double stitched, nylon grab handles enable the lifter to create more effective torque in their upper body – these grab handles on top are ideal for deadlifts and farmers walks.

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  • High quality tyre
  • Great for flipping, dragging, pushing, carrying
  • 100kg in weight
  • Multiple outer handles
  • 4 Upper handles
  • Foam padded outer
  • Inner dimensions:  60cm
  • Outer dimensions:  100cm
  • 35cm in height